Friday, January 05, 2007

The End of My Rosy Life

My Rosy Life Korea Novela

The Korea Novela My Rosy Life will end today. My initial reaction to Korean soap was kinda like, "Ok, another Korea novela. Puro love stories, drama, iyakan, etc. I'm sure this one will have a happy ending just like the rest. So what else is new?"

Betsy is the lead character here. The martyr wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend. She made sure everything was in order, she was always on top of the situation, sacrificing her own life and personal happiness. When she was only 12 I think, her mother left them. She had to take care of her 2 other siblings and also her father. This probably is the reason why she wants to please everyone, para hindi sya iwan. As long as everyone is happy and gets what they want, she was also happy. Dahil dito napabayaan nya sarili nya. Her husband, Ramon left her for a younger and sexier woman. She did everything to make things work, she even tried to improve her looks, but to no avail because Ramon was set on leaving her. She tried to put up a business; she invested their life savings with her friends na literally na kinuha ng friend nya at tinakbuhan sya. She had a physical breakdown, which led to the discovery of her stage 3 stomach cancer.

From here on puro iyakan na. Ako madalas puffy ang mga mata ko because the her situation, her reaction to her disease, the reaction of the people around her. Betsy's major concern was not that of dying but preparing herself and everyone around her for her death. She begged her doctor to help her live because her kids need her. Her sister Kelly who wanted to do everything to help Betsy and show how much she loved her, how she cried when she learned of Betsy's cancer and her frustration towards Ramon when he insisted on not telling Betsy how bad her cancer is. Umupo sa sahig at umiyak si Kelly while telling Ramon they needed to tell Betsy para nga naman she could prepare herself and her kids. Initially he kept blaming himself for what happened to his daughter. Kita ang sadness sa mukha even in his silence you could feel his sorrow especially when Betsy bid him farewell for the last time, sinundan pa nya ng tingin si Betsy at Ramon as they walked away from his house. Yung mga anak nila, they promised to be good wag lang mawala si Betsy. She knew she was going to die soon so she and Ramon left the house so no one would see her die, no one would see her dead. She wanted everyone to remember her alive. They left around dawn so the kids wouldn't see them leave. She didn't want to kiss them goodbye but she couldn't keep herself from kissing and hugging her children before they left. This scene was very touching to me kasi nga maiisip mo if you were in her situation, you would want to kiss and hug your kids as much as you can because you won't be able to do these things anymore. You would want to savor every minute that you have with your kids and tell them how much you love them. You would feel sad because you won't see your kids grow up, become successful in life, get married, you won't see your grandchildren.

I've been wanting to blog about this show but I had other concerns. Now I'm having a hard time finishing this blog post without getting emotional.

I understand Betsy, I've been there.

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Nick Ballesteros said...

Ate Fionski, so yung title pala nya ay the exact opposite ano? I am not a Korenovela fan but my wife is. She watched Stairway to Heaven from beginning to end. Work has kept her from watching the new soaps though.

The way you wrote how the story went captured the essence. Ang lungkot naman. Siguro pag nanood rin ako nyan, mangilid-ngilid rin luha ko.