Friday, April 01, 2005

Ang Cheap!

I just want to share some bargain airfaires my brother in law Erwin shared with me. G knows this too:

Tigerairways is a Singapore based airlines that offers trips within Asia. Airfare (one way) can get as low as P331.00. Yun lang walang food and drinks, bawal din magpasok sa plane ng food and drinks, one has to buy his eats on the plane. They will only allow passengers to bring a bottle of water with them. My companion Stan took a Tigerairways plane to Bangkok. Since he checked in an hour before the flight, he got the tira-tira seat. On his way back to SG he made sure he checked in early. Tigerair lands only in Clark in Pampanga so Pinoys would have to go all the way to Clark just to get the cheap fare. And booking has to be done online to avail of the offer, I dont think they have an office in Manila, at least not that I know of since their website lacks content necessary to give you all the info you would need. I guess Tigerair is still a baby airlines.

Airasia is a Malaysian airlines, its website is a bit more comprehensive than Tigerair. The fares are higher than that of Tigerair but a lot lower than other airlines. From Clark to Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur one way costs about P1,799.00. Not bad huh? A trip to Boracay costs P6,000.00. round trip. They have lots of trips to different places in Asia. Booking is also done online. Airasia is probably older than Tigerair.

Of course one should read the fine print at the bottom of the page. Prevailing terms and condtions like taxes and other fees, booking dates, etc. A credit card is necessary to do the booking.

Hay naku! I thought I was bitten just by the lovebug, it seems I was bitten by the travel bug too! I wanna do more travelling!
G, let's go to Bali! Hehehe.


Mec said...

sama ako bali... pero wag this year, haha, dami ko gastos sa kasal ko...


Tanggero said...

go to Iraq, mas mura air ticket, di nga lang direct flight, may stop over sa afghanistan, bweheheh

Cerridwen said...

hehe love bug and travel bug together is dangerous, you might end up in Norway :P

I forgot to ask you ate fions if you had to get visa to go to bangkok and if we go to Singapore wouldn't we need visa too?

but really - that airfare is super cheap. Filipino now will travel outside the country to vacation since it is cheaper than going somewhere around Philippines. There goes the tourism :D

fionski said...

MEC kelan kasal mo?? Sama ako sa honeymoon! Hehehe.

Tanggeroo mauna ka sa Iraq to make way for us ok? Ihanda mo silang lahat don.

G SG may have cheap flights but the cost of living is expensive, eveyrthing there is expensive compared to BKK or MNL. No need for a visa to SG I think, as long as you dont stay for more than a couple of days. Punta tayo when you come here? Wag na tayo kumain para tipid! Hehehe.

HanAgiRL said...

tara!!!! ano, bukas? :) hehe :)

Jhun Billote said...

hmmm...affordable fares, di naman na kailangan ang food on a 3-hr trip, kaya ng tiisin yun.

sarap magbiyahe.

fionski said...

Uy daming gustong sumama.