Monday, April 25, 2005

Cerridwen Update

G was discharged early this morning, Pinas time. I got an sms from her on her way to her sister's place. I guess the doctors at the hospital think she's out of danger and home care is all she needs. I sure hope so. She drifts in and out of sleep because of the pain killers she has to take. Bangenge nga raw siya minsan kaya mahirap kausapin, sometimes she's in a good mood, sometimes she's not. I tried to make her laugh by telling her I need to get my stone back from our friend Isko so I cant shout "Darna!" and fly to her to look after her. She laughed but it was pretty painful. Hehehe.
I think naipit siya sa kotse that's why she has broken ribs and a gash near the face. Just thinking about her in crushed in between twisted metal makes me want to faint!
It's good that her sister Gracey and Nanay are there to watch over her. Unfortunately, Gracey doesn't have a landline.

I would like to thank all the people who posted on my blog, sent me an email, sent me a YM IM. To beybikulet, watson, metal, ajay, mommyba, tanggero, ate sienna, jet, romesez, your kind words of support and prayers will help uplift G's spirit.
I'm sure there are also those who sent a short, silent prayer for her, those who didn't say anything but in their hearts wished her well, thank you.
The loving energy, big or small, that you send her way would reach her and make her feel better, and whatever good you have done will return to you 10-fold.

You may post your kind words on her blog for her to read.

On behalf of G and her family, thank you very much!


Apol said...

hi fionski! tnx for the update. kanina ko lang nabasa sa blogberks yung nangyari kay g. sana nga ok na sya...

Anonymous said...

normally, i just read hers and your blog without commenting but I guess, this time, I should...

thanks for letting us know. send her my regards. hope she fully recovers soon.

masterbetong said...

Whew! Dami kong na-miss, I just hope na maka-recover siya ng mas maaga.

masterbetong said...
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