Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cerridwen News

Gracey just told me that G met an accident last Friday. She's in bad shape and she's lucky she survived. Here is an exerpt of my convo with Gracey:
me : musta ate mo? nagtanan na ba?
gracey : nka auto log on pla yahoo nya may nag msg cguro tagal d nag online ate
gracey : nde na aksidente sa ospital pa
me : tagal ko nga sya di nakita
gracey : pro bka bukaw lumabas
me : what??? ano nangyar??
gracey : bukas
gracey : tanga dun sa pamldale yung mexicano binunggo yung kotse sa tabi ng ate ang ate papasok ng kotse nya naipit ate
me : syet!
gracey : broken ribs concussion dislocated shoulder saka nasugatan un face
me : kaya pala... nagtetext ako sa kanya di sumasagot... nag aaalala na nga ako
me : punyemes!!!!
gracey : eh alang signal yata dun sa palmdale cell nya
gracey : uwi ako 2 get her clothes
gracey : friday ng gabi nangyari eh
me : sige... at least she's doing better now
gracey : yug matanda nga nadedo
gracey : yung tinamaan talaga
me : sinong matanda? yung mexicano?
gracey : nde yung nabangga na katabi ng kotse nya
me : grabe!
gracey : kaso nga d2 kc kung pwede lang pauwiin ang pasyente pagka opera pauuwiin eh
me : oonga
gracey : gusto sna nmin dun muna c ate kaso sabi ng doctor home care pwede na
me : pero safe na ate mo?
me : wala naman danger?
gracey : oo hirap lang sya humnga kc broken ribs eh
gracey : nka plaster yung dibdib

gracey : yung ulo nga may tahi
me : hay grabe!
gracey : sa likod ng tenga yata
me : :-(
gracey : medyo naghihilo pero ok nman sya
me : punta ako dyan alagaan ko sya hehehe
gracey : oo ngabiro pa eh
gracey : ayaw daw sya tlaga tanggapin pa mamatay
gracey : eh sabi ng pulis swerte nya talaga naguhay sya
gracey : kasi ipit talaga

Yung mga nasa US na friends ni G, nasa Palmdale daw sya. I don't know exactly where, wala yatang signal don. If you have the chance please try to get intouch with her. She will be staying with Gracey for a while. It's a good thing Gracey and Nanay are there. She's a bit groggy from the meds but the doctor said she'll be fine.
We are praying for her speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

kawawa naman sya.. swerte nga talaga nabuhay, kc parang grabe yun nangyari. kawawa naman. lets pray for her na lang din.

Nick Ballesteros said...

Hello Ate Sienna! Sana ok na talaga sya at wala nang complications. Makikibalita rin ako sa berks.

fionski said...

Thanks beybikulet and kuya Watson. Your prayers will surely help G recover faster. =)

Jhun Billote said...

hi ms foinski...sad to hear what happened to ms G...i would pray for her fast recovery. you take care, too!

ajay said...

Hai fionski. napadaan po....sorry to hear about G..she's a dear fellow blogging berks. our prayers are with her.God bless!

Romesez said...

Hi, I am a friend of G, wonder if I could get another telephone to get info about her...from you or friends around. I feel damn not to ask her landline contact before, kase naman I already have her celfone. Now that she is that predicament, I can't get in touch, either that her phone is off or no signal to where she is at. Please provide me some info. thanx

DigiscrapMom said...

I hope G's doing better. She's always in my prayers.

Nick Ballesteros said...

Ay Ate Fionski sorry po! Dalawa kasi ang ate ko sa blog ... memory gap...

fionski said...

Thanks sirs metal, ajay, romesez, watson and mommyba, thanks for the support and prayers. G is out of danger and is staying with her sister. She's always sleeping because of her medication. I'll will keep you informed whatever happnes. Pls redirect your comments to her blog. I know she would appreciate the support you show her. Thanks!

Tanggero said...

we'll pray for her quick recovery too! kagulat news mo ha, hope she's fine now.