Saturday, November 20, 2004

An Ode

To appreciate the essence of this poem, read this out aloud...

Last Fog Sea In Die

Thing none knew see in die
Who bought who bad
The hill key none taught see in die
Last fog see in die.

Fog must done knew see who one
Thin knee tea gas sun
Cash sea see in die
Who bought who bad
Bull ball money peace.

In knee love bus knee who one
Dean act money in die
Key knee league see who one
The hill be not tea knee in die
Knee love as son see who one
Be thin see in die!


Cerridwen said...

bitin c inday heehee

hi po ate fionskiii. ok lang po ako tenk u po for caring and worrying.

Cerridwen said...

ate fions i should have just shared comments with gracey pooh heehee since she has no laptop anymore she shares mine...anyay... i didn't get it at first gracey had to explain to me... and still i dont get it . I am scoring lousy on this one...

fionski said...

Ayan po lumabas na comment niyo kanina pa. Back to normal na si Gracey, nagtataray na ulit. Hehehe.

Tanggero said...

Pag tumayo ang testigo, kay susan tayo