Thursday, November 04, 2004

I must! I must!

I find Gracey's blog amusing, esp her pampalaki post. It's about this penile enlargement gadget. The gadget itself looks like an instrument you would find in a torture chamber!
Her entry reminded me of my dear friend M. When I first met him, he unabashedly told me all about his lovelife. After a few more meetings he started telling me his sexcapades. He casually mentioned that while he was in UK, he bought this penis pump. Sabi nya lumaki daw ng 1/4 inch ang birdie niya. I asked him how big his birdie is, he said it's 6. I told him that his birdie is bigger than the average Pinoy twit-twit. According an article in one of Dr. Margie Holmes' book ang average South East Asian twit-twit ay 3 to 4 inches. Uyyy... Sino kaya sa mga nakakabasa ng blog ko ngayon ang namumutla? Hehehe.
Anyway, M said naliliitan pa sya sa 6 inches so he bought that pump. It worked naman daw kaso once he stopped eventually it went back to its original size. This was his story to me 3 years ago.
A few months ago, I saw him at the gym. Mega work out ang bruha kasi he wants to prove something to his ex-lover. He's been taking all these supplements make him grow taller and to increase the size of his penis. Huh? Lalaki pa ba yon after 30 years and with the use of supplements? He said it's not just supplements that can make it bigger, there are exercises he has to do. Since he is a nurse he has knowledge of these things so wala naman sigurong problema. I asked him what these supplements are kasi sabi ko it might come in handy, ayaw naman ibigay kasi hindi naman daw ako boy. End of discussion na kami kasi ayaw naman niya ibigay ang secret formula. Besides wala pa naman daw results.
Last night he called me. Nagtataray ang bruha, feeling niya mahaba ang hair niya kasi lumaki na raw ang birdie niya! It's now 7 inches long. Owws? Totoo? He said he should know if it's bigger not or not since he's been aware of it's size since college, disappointed nga siya sa 6. I should have asked him to show his thingy to me noh? Sabay take ng picpic for posterity, mga before and after pics. Hehehe. He said that he wants to reach the 8 inch mark. Take note: 8 inches. Sabi niya it has grown na raw kasi alam naman niya ang size non. I guess he measures it everyday. He also said that his sex drive and stamina have increased. Before he leaves for the US, pagkinulit daw sya ng ex-lover niya papayag daw sya kahit sex lang just to show off his schlong to his ex at isasampal daw nya ito sa kanya. Hahahaha!
Uy! I should get that secret formula and the exercise! I could make money out of it! Bwahahahaha!


HanAgiRL said...

bwahahahahaha! fame and fortune for you pa! Introducing... Ang Fang-falaki ni Fiona! hehe :)

fionski said...

Hanagirl this would be mu contribution to both men and women diba? Hehehe.

Arrow-N you're lucky your GF loves you and she likes vienna sausages. Hehehe.

Huseng Busabos said...

It's not the size but how you use it. Dako nga tapos 30 segundos lang tapos na (parang yung nabasa ko sa Inquirer tungkol kay Lito Pimentel - nong sabi ng misis nya - Tapos ka na?) Yikes!
Kailangan parang Jack Hammer na kargado - tipong 30 minutes e pasakalye pa lang - tapos non stop na yugyugan til the last drop of you know what! Yeeeha!

Tanggero said...

wala bang pampaliit, puro pampalaki na lang? hayyyy!

fionski said...

Tanggerbeads kapal mo! Hahahaha!

fionski said...

Mari it just goes to show men, whether straight or gay, are obsessed with the size of their twit-twit. M's size isn't bad but he just wanted to grow bigger. Ayun, na accomplish naman niya kahit papaano. As for the gadget, nakakatawa talaga kasi mukhang masakit eh. The model probably couldnt use his schlong for at least a week. Parang may dent na nga yung birdie niya dahil sa gadget eh. Hehehe.

Jhun Billote said...

ey, ms foinski...i am now confused. i don't know whom to believe. some say size doesn't matter, it is how you "perform". but some says, size still matters...a titanic makes a big difference!

fionski said...

Metal ears I really believe it's not the size of your wave but the motion of the ocean. Like what kuya Hussy said kahit na ba ga-poste yan kung di mo naman alam gawin useless din. If you notice it's the men who obsess not us women. My friend is gay and has an ample tool but he wants it to grow bigger. Kikay's friend is the one who wants to buy the gadget.
If all else fails naman, men can always use their tongues... If they also know how to use their tongues!

Kikay ikaw na lang kuha ng picpic ni Ced kasi di pa naman nya nauumpisahan eh. Itong friend ko tagal na niya ginagawa so wala tayong point of comparison.

DigiscrapMom said...

Bwahahaha! Men's obsession with their twit-twit! Oh geez! It's a never-ending story. I love discussions like this! :D Tell me more! Tell me more! Hahaha!

Buti na lang walang MTRCB ang blogging!!!!!!!!!!