Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Brain Freeze

"Brain Freeze" formerly known as "Sound Systema" is now revived. They're back!
They will be jamming with Crash Ambulance this comming Nov. 6, 2004 at 70's Bistro, Anonas Ave, near Aurora Blvd. Q.C. Show starts at 9 pm!

Yun lang.


fionski said...
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fionski said...

Parang pinoy rock style nila. Kets? Di ka naman manonood eh.

Mec said...

ang brain freeze lang na alam ko, the one you get from eating ice cream or halo-halo on a really hot summer day... after several hours of climbing :D

fionski said...

Yun yon Mec! Gleng mo! Hehehehe!