Sunday, September 12, 2004

Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan

This song was sung by Basil Valdez, considered a classic here in the Philippines. It has been playing in my mind for a few days now and I just decided to post it here. This is like my reaction to one forum I read about this girl and her ex. She said that he wants her back but she doesn't want him anymore, after all that's been said and done. One reaction to her post was that maybe the guy realized his mistake, that he still loves her and that he's doing everything to win her back. My reaction to his post was this: gaano kadalas ang minsan? That's how this LSS started.
Gaano kadalas ang minsan (how often is once)? To me this song is kinda "ambiguous." It asks how often is once when we allow ourselves to get hurt, we say this won't happen again yet we seem to let it happen over and over. We never seem to learn what that one incident should have taught us. We keep inflicting pain on ourselves. It could also mean that we get hurt once but the pain seems to last forever.
The song reeks of infidelity and breach of trust between lovers. If love isn't true or pure, it's best to put an end to it. No can hide the truth.

The lyrics to my current background music:

Gaano kadalas ang minsan lang ka mahagkan,
Sindalas na rin ng dami ng bituin waring walang hanggan.
Dahil sa labi ko'y laging mararamdaman,
Kahit sandali halik mo'y dumampi minsan.

Gaano kadalas ang makapiling kang minsan,
Sa kin sindalas ng walang wakas, saglit mang magpisan.
Dahil sa ganon paraan lang mag-iisa,
Kung magsasanib ang dalawang dibdib diba.

Ngunit(dahil) kung pag-ibig ay hindi rin lang wagas
Mabuti pa, mabuti nga, mabuti ang hanggang maaga'y magwakas
Pagkukunwari'y itago man ay lalabas
At minsan kang matuklasan hapdi'y walang kasing dalas.

Gaano kadalas ang minsan mo akong saktan,
Kahit minsan lang sa'kin para bang walang katapusan.
Gaano kadalas ba ang puso'y namamatay,
Gaano kadalas, gaano kadalas ang minsan?

Repeat Refrain, III
... Gaano kadalas, gaano kadalas ang minsan?


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the guy cheated on her. But if he loves her like he's still claiming then why cheat on her on the first place. I think it will do her a lot of good to stay away from him. It happened once and there's a very good chance it will happen again.

By the way, that's a nice song.

What is LSS?

fionski said...

It could be he cheated or lied or made a decision that ruined everything for them.
LSS = Last Song Syndrome
Thanks for dropping by.

Tanggero said...


fionski said...

Tanggero idahak mo na yan, super lapot na yan!

DigiscrapMom said...

This is a painful song for me. Just one of those songs that brings back awful memories of a past love.

Anonymous said...

oh so that's what it means. first time I've heard of that :) Tanggero sounds like he has a sore throat :D

fionski said...

During a poker game, there is this one person who deals the cards and takes care of the chips and bets. A tanggero is similar to that, during a drinking session he takes care of the alcoholic beverages. He takes care of the bottle and makes sure everyone gets to a shot.
This Tanggero guy who visits my blog has a sore throat, alright. He is a sucker.

fionski said...

Oh freak! MY grammar stinks! That's supposed to be everyone gets a shot. Argh! Hehehe.

Tanggero said...

tsk tsk tsk...sucker pala ha (ouch!)

Huseng Busabos said...

Love forgives but not forgets...

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! somehow I couldn't make the connection between "tagay" and "tanggero" before hehe.