Thursday, September 09, 2004

Latest in Cameraphone Technology

FOR SALE: camera with built-in phone. A friend of mine sent me an email to inform me that some of her friends decided to go on a business venture.
They are marketing this new handphone made by Motorola and Fujifilm. It's one of the coolest camera with a built-in handyphone. You will be the talk of the town once you have this cool phone.
State of the Art Technology from USA and Japan. So please hurry. Order your phones now. Special discounts shall be given to the first 10 orders. Free Strap. The price is incredibly very cheap for only 5,000 PhP or barely $100. Limited stocks only. So guys ano pa hinihintay nyo?!? Get one NOW!!! Para sa inyo tong phone na to!!

Please see pics below on how the phone looks and how to operate it.

Latest cellphone view, originally uploaded by fionski.


Huseng Busabos said...

Kwela naman - ha,ha,ha.... and hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Link kita if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I think this is way better than my cp. I can't have the phone and the camera working at the same time with mine but this latest gadget seems to have solved my problem hehe :D

fionski said...

Competitors are developing something better than the cameraphone. A phone that you can use almost forever without the battery going dead on you. No more recharging.
WATCH OUT for it!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that just be great! No need for a charger or a spare battery. But on second thought I will have one less excuse why my cellphone is off.

fionski said...

Hmm.. You have a point there. But you could always say the battery got dislodged or something to that effect. Don't worry, once you see this new no-charging-forever-cellphone, I'm sure you could easily make up another excuse why your cell is off. Hehehe.