Friday, September 24, 2004

Chat Lines

I just want to share with everyone some lines I've read on people's profiles or stuff that were said to me online or through text. Hindi naman ako masamang tao, hindi mapanglait at alam ko nagkakamali ako pero itong mga mababasa niyo maaaliw kayo, I'm sure! Paki correct niyo ako kung mali ako puwede?

Godly nest is Cleanly nest...!
Im a friend you can lend on
Favorite Movies: pretty women and nodding hill
Ang gagaling!

me: so what do you do for a living?
guy: oh, i dont take it seriously... how about you?
Wow! Sayang piso ko dito.

chipper: so waht does ur name pertaining to?
Ay ewan!

me : what do you do? ( I should have added "for a living" here)
guy : heto, chatting with you... i'm boring eh.
Bored na nga ako sa iyo eh. Bwahahahahaha!

me: it says on your profile you're conyo, what does conyo mean?
chad: ok lang basta ganun,so can u send me another pic?
me: i only have 1 pic... the one on my profil
chad: sus its so vague
chad: i can even see your face
chad: whats your height ?
me: vague?
me: you can see my face naman pala eh... so what's the problem?
chad: malabo yung kuha eh
me: paanong malabo? you jsut said you can even see my face
Vague pala ang mukha ko pero nakikita niya.

me : ang alam ko kse mga guys, what's normal for them is getting laid often
phil : there's always excemption di ba?
phil : not all
me : exception
me : exception to the rule you mean?
phil : ok
phil : sorry, Miss Smart
me : oops... sorry...
phil : it's ok
me : did i offend you?
phil : just a bit
me : oh ok.. sorry.. wont do that anymore
me : ikaw ba... if you see me make a blooper would you correct me or you would just let it pass?
phil : I don't really make it as a big deal
me : like a spelling mistake? you wont correct me?
phil : for me I prefer to talk to americans, you know why?... they're not grammatically conscious phil : like filipinos
me : ahh i see
me : well i have to be grammatically conscious.. part of my job
phil : i know, but I'm not your student
Oonga naman, I shouldn't correct him kasi he's not my student.

Ang sama ko ba? Sorry ha...


Anonymous said...

hehehe funny stuff, it will make my lunch taste better :) O sige I'll correct you(although I think you hardly need to be corrected) if you correct me(this is probably going to be one way). You know I'd rather be corrected than keep going on without a clue.

A question: Where can I see your profile?(if you were talking about a different one from the one you have here on the blogger)

fionski said...

You want to see my profile or you want to see these guys' profiles? Be honest! :p
You could check out friendster, myspace, itzamatch and datez. If you want my profile, I'll send you my resume na lang. Hehehe.

fionski said...

G is that you?

Anonymous said...

Siempre your profile. I think I need to sign up with them to be able to see your profile, I think I can do that.

Btw, who's G?

fionski said...

I'm not a member of the other sites. I was sent invites from those sites so I checked them out. I am a member of friendster and myspace of course. Now why would I give my ID to you, I don't even know you. For all I know you could be a psycho stalker from outer space. Creepy! Hehehe.
G is another blogger chick.

Cerridwen said...

That wasn't me ate fions. I usually just read...

Tanggero said...

hehehe! hik!

Anonymous said...

hehehe you're right to be wary, you can never be too careful nowadays(but I can assure you I am as harmeless as an ant from outer space :) ). The internet has become a double-edge sword. Sadly, it's a big problem here in the US, teen-age girls falling victims to internet sexual predators. Hindi ako sigurado how often this happens in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

*Correction: harmless*

fionski said...

Here in the Philippines it's men preying on women, mostly. But there are women here who are quite good at making bola the men.
If you're a harmless psycho ant from outerspace, how come you post as anonymous?

fionski said...

Sige na Anonymous pakilala ka na baka mamatay na ako bukas di pa rin kita kilala

Huseng Busabos said...

nye,he,he,he... funny!!! Just like some of Nestor Torre's boo-boos collection in Inquirer.

fionski said...

Kuya Hussy this is my personal collection ha! Proud ako! Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I can only post anonymous kasi I don't have a blogger account here. I'm thinking of having one but I'm still thinking of a good subject.

Bakit ka naman mamatay?...maraming iiyak

fionski said...

You know what they say, only the good die young. I have to be prepared always. Marami iiyak, mga nephews ko.
Sige na sign up ka na. You don't need to write anything for you to have your own accout here. There are poeople who have accounts but do more reading that writing. You can always write about your daily routine. You can also share what you get through your emails. Or share your opinion regarding something that is close to your heart.
Sige na sign up na!

Anonymous said...

I agree, blogging is a good way to release some tensions. You realy don't have to write anything about your life if you rather not share, you can do creative writings :)