Monday, February 14, 2005

Record Breaking Kisses!

I watched Korina Sanchez's TV show last night, she featured Lovapalooza 2. Aliw ako! I saw all kinds of people kissing, even really old people on wheelchairs started to kiss at the stroke of 12 midnight.
I saw all kinds of couples kissing and all kinds of kisses. Some were as simple as a peck or a
smack on the lips that lingered for 10 secs, some were as passionate as tongue rolling kisses! I saw one couple's tongue moving in and out of their mouths as they were kissing. That was a bit unnerving. Some where really into the kissing while others were there just to help break the world record. I think it's cute!

Philippines may have broken the world record! Got this news bit from inq7:

MORE than 5,000 Filipino couples kissed simultaneously for 10 seconds to welcome Valentine's Day and set a new world record, organizers said Saturday.

Organizers of the "Lovapalooza" in Manila, an attempt to break the record for most people kissing simultaneously in one area, said 5,122 smooching couples broke the old record set by 4,500 couples in the Chilean capital Santiago last year.

Atienza had said the kissing event would be restricted to married couples, because of the Philippines' conservative Roman Catholic culture, but a casual check of participants found many of them were not married.

I don't want to be a wet rag but I think it's best to have legit couples at the Lovapalooza kissing. No one wants to see his/her partner kissing someone else on TV!

Who wants to join me at the Lovapalooza 3 next year?

Happy VD everyone!!! May you have more VDs to come!!!


Anonymous said...

i dont see myself and my guy joining part3 of the lovapalooza. i dont like crowds. oh well. thanks for sharing the article though. i was asking a friend about lovapalooza and then read about it here in your blog. have a great monday! :)


Anonymous said...

i'd rather be an audience hahaha
- mari