Monday, February 14, 2005

A Happy Valentine's Day

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People, allow me to gloat and enjoy my VD this year.
Last year I was depressed, my doctor told me I had the classic symptoms of depression. From December to Febuary I was down in the dumps. My favorite past time then was sleeping inside my brother's room during the daytime, keep the lights off, TV on but on mute.
This year, my Christmas and New Year celebration were relatively happier, I had peace of mind and heart. Valentine's Day is even more special. Last time I got flowers on VD was in the mid 90s and from my female students. I don't remember getting anything from any of my past boyfriends. Last time a guy gave me flowers was on my birthday, Dec 2001. I got 12 long stemmed roses, ordered via the internet. Someone from chat sent it to me. Unfortunately, we were never meant to be.
This year is special. Right after chatting with S, I got a call from the flowershop asking for directions. S sent me flowers!!! 1 dozen long stemmed roses with chocolates and a cute teddy bear. The card was simple, only "happy valentine's day" was written there. Kilig ako!
Thanks S! You made my VD very special, you made me feel very special.



masterbetong said...

Jelling ako! HEHEHE! Happy V-Day.

fionski said...

Wak ka jelling... Puwede ka rin naman mag send ng flowers sa akin, kahit cauliflowers puwede! Hehhehe! Happy VD!

Jhun Billote said...

wow ms fionski...nice smile with all those lovely roses. hapi valentine's friend!

HanAgiRL said...

Haven't blog-hopped in a long time. Good to hear you had a great valentines :) I oh-so love flowers!

Cerridwen said...

uhmmm masterbetong and Arrow-N in jealous mode it seemed...too slow for you guys he he he

ate fions glad to see you very happy. Seems like S is more than what I though he would be. Great guy...good move...I already like him :) finally...hopefully... you deserve the best

Nick Ballesteros said...

Hello Ate Fionski! You look ecstatic in the photo. Belated Happy Valentine's! The best of love and health to you!

yusop said...

Happy Valentines Day. Just blogging around and promotinmg my new forum site.

Mec said...

on lovapalooza... i thought we already broke the record last year? or did they set another world record?

anyway, belated happy valentines :) inggit ako sa roses... even if i don't really like flowers so much... but it's the gesture that's sooo sweet :)

and lastly, i don't live in the sta. cruz area... i teach there :) part-time :)