Thursday, October 14, 2004

International Caribbean

The "boys" called the place IC or International Caribbean but used Cangcangan because of, uhm, you know, the word kangnang. You got it right Mec! Hehehe.
It was 11PM when after a few shots of gin, the boys decided to bring us to IC. Nagpaalam kami ng sister ko sa Mudra dear, sabi namin we ran out of drinks so bili lang kami sa 7-11 sandali. IC is in the heart of Grace Park in Caloocan but I'm not sure if it's still there. We didn't see anything unusual, just men in trunks/briefs dancing. Gawain ng mga kasama namin while watching is to rate the dancers and tell us which guy is dako and which one has a labakara. Hehehe.
We got home around 3AM. Mom caught us. "Kakarating niyo lang? Akala ko ba sa 7-11 kayo nagpunta?" My sister and I responded, "Opo, 7-11 sa ParaƱaque." Classic!

A few years ago my friends and I went to Gigolo (correction hindi Adonis yung napuntahan namin) on Timog. Ang mahal don ha! P300 for entrance for women while men pay P150 I think. Drinks for the ladies are P375 while men's drinks are P75. Wala kaming nakitang unusual, the boys were just walking ala ramp models. Some looked young. We couldn't stay for long because we would have to pay the entrance. Silip lang tapos sibat na.

My closest encounter with a macho dancer was 2 years ago at a bridal shower, my sister's best friend's shower and I was invited. One of the ladies knows this dancer, his name is Rey I think. He requested a tape/cd player, some rubber band and a shawl/sarong. He needed these items for his show. He was naked underneath the sarong and he would open the sarong and wrap his victim inside the sarong as he rubs his body against his victim as he grinds to the music. Syempre para hindi makita ng iba what the victim is doing with his schlong. We were all screaming inside the room. No one wanted to touch him kasi nakakahiya. Was he dako? I think so. Madilim masyado but I remember seeing his pubic hair when he came near me, tumakbo ako. It was dark inside the room most of the time, isa pa sa request niya yon. Harang! May itsu sya in fairness. He drove a Honda Civic to the party. Either his job pays very well or he has a rich sugar fafa!

Thanks for dropping by Cerridwen, Mari and Mec.

The rubber bands were supposed to make his balls rounder and firmer, FYI.


fionski said...

Buti ka pa nakapag sayaw sayaw ka kami umupo lang sa isang sulok. May lumapit na isang dancer but he was uneasy kasi 3 badings w/ 2 girls iniisip niya di niya kami kayanin lahat! Hahaha!
Baka nga sa IC yon, it's in the heart of Grace Park. Someone told me meron daw sa may Monumento, yung Maginoo, mura lang daw don.
Paano kaya yung live show ng M2M noh? Nyahahahaha!

Cerridwen said...

hehehe here no woman will run away from that but see no stripper paid (for a party) will also strip all the way unless it is something you paid ahead of time for and both party agreed to. (This is the normal, prof stripper, k? I haven't seen or been to a party with the non-prof hehhehehe)

I remember aco-worker friend's bridal shower, her mom was tthere, all ages of females. Knock at the suite door I opened, saw a priest, he asked for Dana and someone got her from the room. He came in and started blessing most of us. Dana came and asked her "Are you ready tobe faithful for the rest of your life?" Next thing we know the music started and he was pulling out everything, lastly his collar!

fionski said...

7-11 was the only store open at 11PM kaya yun ang paalam namin.
Why don't you try the rubber band and see how it feels? Then ask your GF, "Honey do my balls look fuller and perkier?" Hehehehe.

HanAgiRL said...

ahahaha! ang saya! sumama din ako sa friend ko sa ganyan kasi we needed to get a macho dancer for our friends shower. nawa ako sa kanila. di ako makatingin habang sumasayaw sila. but at the same time, natawa din ako sa mga moves nila :)