Saturday, November 03, 2007

For hire: Masseur for massage and more! Part 3

This last part is dedicated to the following readers: An, Watson, Austin Pinoy, Grifter, Buraot, Philippine Updates, Char, MommyBa, Pearljem, Mari.

As much as I would want to tell this story as accurately as possible, I can't because I have forgotten certain details. Tagal na kasi nito, 7 years ago pa yata.

Going back to the story...

I called my friend Terry at home. She told me that she finally met up with RC. Of course I wanted details.

Terry: Mare nagkita na kami ni RC.

Me: So ano itsura.

Terry: Ok naman. May pagka tisoy, maganda katawan, may itsura.

She wasn't raving about his looks so I assumed di nya type.

Me: Ano nangyari?

Terry: Well, nagkausap muna kami, we made arrangements. I told him interested ako sa massage. Sabi nya bigyan nya ako ng freebie. He also mentioned that there will be no sexual intercourse unless I want to, oral sex lang daw kung yon lang gusto ko. Then he said that he meets up with a regular at a motel and that I could go there once she leaves. So ganon nga nangyari. He called me to say punta na ako. Nag taxi na ako papunta don. I went to his room. Pagpasok ko we introduced each other. Then he asked me if I want his massage already, syempre umoo ako. I removed my clothes so he could massage me.

Me: Ok ba mag massage? Masarap ba?

Terry: Uhm, puwede na. Anyway, minasahe nya katawan ko. Maya-maya di nakatiis ang lolo mo, binona-bona ako! Hahahaha!

Me: Binona-bona ka? Ano yon?

Terry: Bona, yung dyug.

Sexual intercourse, coitus.

Me: Hahahaha! Hindi nakatiis ang loko! Siguro na L sa iyo!

Terry: Ano pa? Kunyari pa syang giving pleasure lang to a woman eh tinatablan din pala sya!

Me: Hahahaha! So nag cum ka ba?

Terry: Hindi.

Me: Hindi?

Terry: Teka let me finish my story.

Me: Ok:

Terry: Nagtaka ako bigla nya ako binonabona. Siguro nga tinablan sya. So nung natapos na sya nag rest muna kami sandali. After resting for a few minutes, he asked me if I could trust him. I asked him what he was going to do sabi nya he will not hurt or harm me. So I told him that I feel I can trust him. When I said that, he tied my hands up so I could not do anything then he went down on me. Ayun, kinain nya ako. After sometime, na feel ko iba. I told him to stop. Hindi sya huminto. Hindi ko naman sya puwedeng itulak kasi nakatali ang kamay ko.

Me: Ha?

Terry: Sigaw na ako ng sigaw, "Teka lang... Teka lang... Hinto mo! Hinto mo! Naiihi ako! NAIIHI AKO!!!" Namimilipit na ako kasi ihing-ihi na ako, natatakot ako baka maihian ko sya.

Me: Did he stop? Naihi ka?

Terry: He stopped briefly, sabi nya I should not worry, just let go la
ng daw ako. Then he went back to eating me. Syempre sigaw na naman ako sabi ko, "Naiihi ako! Teka lang! NAIIHI AKO! NAIIHI AKooooo...."

Ayun! Feeling ko naihi ako! Ganon pala yon. He explained to me hindi ihi yon kungdi female ejaculate. Ibang klase!

Me: Was it good?

Terry: In fairness mare, magaling sya. Panalo!

Me: Wow! So masusundan ba uli yan?

Terry: Ewan ko. Mag uusap muna kami.

I thought she would have to pay for the next session. Free lang kasi yung una. Pero bilib ako, nagawa nya na mapa ejaculate ang mare ko! I think that's what they call squirting. I remember reading something like this from Dr. Margie Holmes' column ages ago about squirting, something comes out of the
Bartholin Glands daw. This is kinda rare because not all women are capable of squirting and not all men know how to make a woman squirt. Heck, not all men know how to go down on a woman!

Months later, I was in Palawan when I got a call from Terry. RC has requested that I join then, 3some daw. I told her I'm not into 3somes, di ko type. I said I would be willing to watch or take pictures but I'll not participate. She said she would relay the message. She never texted nor called me about this.

Later on, RC texted me. I called him and he thanked me for referring him to Terry. And as usual, he tried to do everything he could to convince me to give him a try. I turned him down. Ask na naman sya for referrals so I said I'll just post and ad for him so he could get more customers. He was grateful.

Months later I got a text from him. He said the ad I posted for him gave him more customers. I said I was glad I was able to help him. He asked if I could post another ad for him but I told him he should do it himself, that I'm not his pimp. He begged me to do it for him for the sake of friendship. I stopped responding. Ano sya sinusuwerte?

Moral of the story: Umihi muna before you do the deed so when you feel like naiihi, you know it's something else!


pearljem said...

wow, first comment sken...hala,di ko alam yan.bat ganon? tanda tanda ko na...hehe! according sa source ko, swerte pala ng friend mo dahil naranasan nya yun,ibig sabihin nagenjoy talaga sya sa ginawa ni RC. close e noh? tapos na kwento...yey, tnx sa pagupdate ng kwento. hehehe!

grifter said...

and thus the payoff comes after the cliffhanger. thank you, ate fiona!

Char said...

Hahaha Ate Fions... this saga was certainly educational. marami na akong alam na slang. hehehe.

Jego said...

A good way to test is this rule of thumb:

If it smells like ihi, it probably is.

An said...

wow! with special dedication pa ah.. hehehe... ano ba number ni RC para makapag-squirt na rin ako nyheheheheh

Anonymous said...


Malupit sa style yang RC na yan. Gets paid to get LA__! Magaling din ako magmasahe, ano kaya mag lagay din ako ng ad sa blog ko? :D

I'm going to squeeze a post about this in my otherwise serious blog! Abangan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks nga pala Fionski sa comment! :)

An said...

the project i was pertaining to was the creation of webquests for chemistry and physics.. :-) pls see mr google for more ideas on webquests. but my version will be done in PowerPoint.

Anonymous said...

You've just been promoted in my blog! :D

Anonymous said...

Hmmn.. This is a good home based business idea! :joke:

Nick Ballesteros said...

Bwahaha ok sa kwento Ate Fionski. Medyo naiskandalo ako sa photo kasi nasa Internet cafe ako pero oks lang. hahaha

Anonymous said...

wow! i guess the guy's really magaling. i wonder how that works! LOL! makapagpamasahe nga sa kanya! hwe hwe hwe!

thanks for sharing this story ;)

Anonymous said...

Fiona, what's the number of RC? available pa ba sya?

pa text naman ng number nya sa 0917-5309988

fionski said...

Anonymous, I lost his number matagal na and I've changed numbers 3 times. You would find him in DALnet, IRC (I think).