Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Did you feel the earth move?

I felt the earth move. Not the song but literally. There was a mild earthquake here in the Philippines around 12:55PM. My neighbors did not feel it but a relative working in the port area felt it and she said it was strong. She called her mother immediately to confirm.
I somehow had a feeling we would be hit soon. Indonesia and Japan were hit recently so it was logical for the Philippines to get hit too.

The photo here is courtesy of Earthquake Watch, unfortunately it's not up to date yet. It shows here the past quakes in the last fe days.


Anonymous said...

I was at work when the earthquake happened. Got a little dizzy dahil malakas sya at it was like half a minute or so.

Glad that you're safe.

jc smith said...

It must have been my neighbors. The earth moves when they.... :)