Tuesday, August 31, 2004


It seems like gmail's been sending out more invites lately. Hmmm... Is this a postive sign? I hope so. Now, who should get my invites? How about the first one to post a comment and leave a message on my shoutbox will get the invite.
UPGEC members/alumni, you have to post a comment on one of my entries that mentions upgeclub, there are 3 actually. Then put say something in my shoutbox. That's it!
Once you've done those, send me an email with the following: name andvalid email address. No yahoo or hotmail email addresses please, they put the invites in your junk or trash. Sometimes the invites get filtered out.
Oh, the gmail invite comes with an orkut invite. What's orkut you say? You will know soon.
Please don't forget to give me your name and how you got my blog's URL (yahoogroups/thepinoy/my mailing list/blogger) so I could easily identify you.
I'm supposed to post something pensive but it can wait. Hehehe.
I wonder who's first...


Crusaders said...

they are still testing this beta version, once eveything is complete they will announce it to the public. I can try to use some of you email invites so I can test them.


fionski said...

1 down, 5 to go.

fionski said...

3 down, 3 more to go...

Fionski... said...

hi namesake! thanks for the invite. here's my email address : skyefio@netasia.net

thanks a lot!