Saturday, August 14, 2004

Children and Childhood Memories

I love my blog! I love the way it looks. I love the music that I hear everytime come here. The Forrest Gump Theme reminds me of happy childhood memories, sugar and spice and all things nice. Life was then was fun, life was so much simpe then.
I seem to relive my childhood memories through my nephews when they are here with us. Whenever I'm feeling low, I would call them up just to hear their voices. When I was depressed a few months ago, I was lucky their parents let them stay here with us for a few days. It was so nice to hear the peals of laughter of kids in the house. This house used to be dead but it becomes alive when they are here. Oh, they can be so rowdy at times and I get irritated at times but it would eventually go away.
Since they are both in school now, I rarely see them. My eldest nephew, Renmund, would call me every now and then just to say hi, just to talk. I love this kid like my own. I was his surrogate mom. His younger brother, Irvin, just started going to play school this school year. Boy he learns fast! He can count and can identify colors. A few months ago he couldn't differentiate blue from red. He knows how to dial the phone and he would call almost everyday, just because he can, no reason at all.
It's so soothing to hear their voices on the phone. It's almost like having my own kids. Whenever I see them I would kiss and hug and smother them. When they are here, we would play kilitian. I used to tickle the eldest a lot but I can't do that anymore because of his asthma. He would have a hard time breathing if he starts laughing hard. So I make it a point not to make him laugh so hard. We would play silly games that would make the three of us laugh. This is how I relive my childhood memories.

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fionski said...

Yes, they are angels...
Till they grow up to be teenagers and become hardheaded and rebellious. Then you have demons in your house!