Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top Scots politician quits after describing 'attractive girl'

I don't find McAveety's comments racist, maybe lewd, sleazy and sexist but not racist. Just because he described a slim, dusky girl having a Filipina look, doesn't make his remark racist. He was just expressing his "type". It's just his luck that his microphone was on and the camera as still on him when he expressed his lewd thoughts. I think a lot of men have worse thoughts and desires but their thoughts and expressions were not caught on cam or heard over the microphone.

If there's someone who should be upset, it should be his wife.

As well as falling foul of Labour bosses, 47-year-old McAveety is likely to be in hot water with his wife Anita. Mrs McAveety, a blonde and fair-skinned primary school teacher, was at home yesterday afternoon. Speaking from the door of the family's modern semi-detached house in North Glasgow, the mother-of-two seemed upset. But, when asked about her husband's comments, she said: 'I have nothing to say.' 

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Nevertheless, he did right by quitting.


Anonymous said...

I thought the whole issue was overblown. If anything, he was admiring the woman's exotic look. He sounded like a horny dog though haha. That pinay most likely took it as a compliment.


fionski said...

Well, some people are a little too sensitive I guess.

Heff said...

I also didn't think of it of anything but a horndog making a comment about a sexy lass. But in this day and age of political correctness, so many things can be seen to mean something else by a lot of people.

Coleman said...

Psst.. Where are you?