Sunday, April 12, 2009

Using a Condom

I remember years ago, a friend told me that he told his son that he should always use a condom. He said that he instructed him to masturbate with a condom on so he would get used to the "feeling." I've mentioned this to 2 male cousins, a chatmate who had a son (he was so tigang that he thought it was an invitation, sheesh!) and some co-workers.

This story came to mind after I discovered an online magazine. I saw an old message from a friend. He was featured in an online magazine. Unfortunately, the link expired but I explored the main URL. I found the title of this topic catching:

Would You Use a Condom When Sucking? You Should!

I once had a sex partner who wouldn’t let me suck him without a condom. It was weird, like eating ice candy without first opening it. But his dick was really yummy, so I just gave in, and sucked him the way he wanted to be sucked.
But what’s up with that?

You may want to visit the Outrage.

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