Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today is better - The next day was better na ito

Pasensya na mga kaibigan. Naging busy lang kasi sa work; nag iba-iba ang sched ko dahil sa training tapos pagod na ako pag dating ko sa bahay. Ito na ang katuloy ng kuwento...

I got home exhausted physically and emotionally. I wanted to just go to sleep and forget about everything but I couldn't. I felt I needed to resolve one issue, my earring. I hoped that I dropped it at home and not anywhere else. I had to sweep/clean my room and the bathroom for the last time. Pinagpag ko pa bed ko, removed my pillows and blanket and ran my palms and fingers onto the top of the bed sheet. Walang hikaw. I shifted through the dirt and found nothing. When I finally hit my bed, I felt worse than ever. As I was sliding my hands under my pillows I was thinking, what if I suddenly feel my ear-ring under my pillow at nandon lang pala. In less than a minute, I felt something like a big piece of dirt under my pillow. It felt odd so I picked it up and looked at it. I turned on the light and discovered that it was the pakaw of my hikaw (the lock or screw of the ear-ring)! Haleluya! I turned on all the lights and swept every place I went to inside the house. Wala. I swept the bathroom floor, the sala floor, the laundry area.... Wala. I really looked. But I was full of hope kasi I found the pakaw, the ear-ring could be inside my house. It could also have been dropped outside when I went out to buy food. Sigh. I went to sleep praying that my ear-ring was in the house.

The next day, after waking up, my initial reaction was to look for my earring. I went to the toilet to do my stuff first, wash face and such. Then I went to where I left the dirt from last night sweeping, it wasn't there. I inspected every corner of my bed, it wasn't there. I went back to my bedroom and did one last sweeping. Wala talaga. Mukhang wala ng pag asa. I went back to the toilet. Lo and behold! The earring was on the carpet! It appeared as if someone had just dropped it there for me to see! I swept the bathroom floor before going to sleep, I saw small pieces of tissue paper on the carpet. If my ear ring was there, I definitely would have seen it.

I find it amusing that I sometimes lose things and find them eventually in places I've already looked. Feeling ko lang may naglalaro sa akin. This isn't the first time this happened to me.

Anyways, all is well that ends well. My co-worker got the sched fair and square (sinuhulan nya yung gumagawa ng schedule hehehe). I have adjusted to my time zone, EST. My ear ring is more important that the schedule.

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