Saturday, September 15, 2007


It rained quite hard and for a long time very early this morning, more like dawn. 3 hours non stop?

Heaven must have been crying with someone out there, hard and long, non stop mouring.

Tears are supposed to show sadness or grief. Too much rain can be a source of grief or sorrow. But then tears, just like rain, can also be for cleansing and healing.

May the tears there were shed be a source of cleansing and healing.

"Cry if you have to and let the tears wash away the bitterness that you feel. Look back and smile for somewhere in the past, love has found a home in your heart. Life doesn't end where our heartaches begin. It only ends when we give up on ourselves and the love that we have in our hearts."

"In love, some people think that it's holding on that makes us strong; but sometimes it's letting go. Goodbye may seem a lot more Hello's... and so we have to let go and we should know when to finally end up a chapter in our life to be able to give way for a new one."

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