Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Over

A few days ago, I really felt so stressed that I finally quit my job.

Nanghihinayang ako.

I would have stayed on if the account hadn't been pulled out from the company. I would have stayed on if I was prepared to tackle software/email issues. I would have stayed on if I didn't need to take care of my health. I would have stayed on if I didn't have to need to fix my papers so I could "leave" ASAP.

Nanghihinayang ako.

Sayang ang 5 months ko sa company. Sayang yung pagiwan ko sa mga kasamahan ko sa trabaho, napaka babait nila. Sayang ang relations ko with the manangers (team and operations), mabait din sila, lahat sila. We were given some leeway on the floor due to the nature of our work. We were allowed to have a snack while working because we could not take our breaks on time when were have a lot of emails to work on. We were allowed to work on our own, they did not monitor us all the time. They trusted us, they knew we were responsible enough to do our work without supervision and we did just that.

I was touched by 2 people's gestures when I finally decided to quit. They talked to me and tried to talk me out of quitting. I didn't think they would even bother to talk to me but they did. Unfortunately, some things were out of their hands, they could not change some of the rules/policies to accomodate me. Ok lang, I am happy knowing my presence meant something to them.

I got an email from my former big boss. I was touched by his words. He is cool. He is just misunderstood at times.

Ssayang talaga... I feel like Claire Dela Fuente singing that song... Next song would be Diana Ross's Do you know where you're going to...



Anonymous said...

Ate Fions, it won't be sayang if you get some realizations or lessons from the whole experience. Cheer up! There's a reason why you quit, and I'm sure you'll see soon that it's not sayang. No room for regrets, my friend! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Fions! What's up with you? I'm really sorry that you had to make this decision. But I'm pretty sure may maganda yang kapalit. What's with the health issue? I hope you're okay!

fionski said...

I'm just feeling a little sad over the sudden turn of events in my life.

Thanks for dropping by Char and Buge.