Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogger Beta

Uy may Blogger Beta na, nabasa ko sa post ni Mr Basang Panaginip. It looks ok but I'm having a hard time using a template not from Blogger's list. Di puwede i-edit ang HTML.


Ate Sienna said...

tagal ko nang wala sa blogger. mas maganda ba ang features nya?

fionski said...

Well puwede na ate Sienna. Pag nag blogger beta ka naka off ang html editing.
Kuya Watson labels and categories na add pero di ko naman maalis yung iba or ma palitan. Medyo magulo pa rin hehehe.

vonjobi said...

it should get better in a few weeks or months. btw, to add or change labels, just go to the post you'd like to "fix," look for the "labels for this post" above "save as draft" and "publish," and make the changes you'd like to make =)