Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Code Brouhaha

The MTRCB doesn't want to be pressured by any group and wanted it to be shown. Giving it the R-18 is somewhat diplomatic of the group to do.

Board chairwoman Marissa Laguardia told The Associated Press that the movie would be a "test of faith" for many people in the predominantly Roman Catholicn nation.
"And those groups, like the conservatives who want it banned, maybe they can tell their friends, discourage their friends from watching it," she said.The review panel said the movie will be shown without cuts.
Review panel member Betty Molina said the censors were not pressured by any
Another panel member, Eric Mallonga, said blasphemy is a religious term and the board as a civil agency "is not required to exercise a religious test" in reviewing films.
Buti naman.

Some nights ago I saw this news bit on Mike Velarde's opinion regarding the Da Vinci Code. Napabilib ako kasi sabi nya na let the viewers be the judge na lang kasi mature naman daw ang mga Pilipinong manonood. He also said that the CBCP is giving the movie free advertising by making so much ruckus over it. Tama siya ha!


Senorito<- Ako said...

Usually yung mga religious zealots sobrang kitid din ng utak eh ano ?

I had a classmate in college... doesnt study for exams. Ofcourse bagsak... then he'd say "pagsubok lang ito ni lord... baka hindi talaga ako para sa engineering..."

Then another officemate in the middle of our conversation. Out of nowhere he SHOUTS " JEEEE....(slight pause)Sus".

On the same factory, QC personnel and I was havin this conversation.

Me: "Napanuod mo na yung devil's advocate ni Al pacino.."
Her: "Ay devil... ayoko nun.. bad yun."

Opps sorry about the rant. Got carried away... them zealots kasi eh.

fionski said...

Hahahaha! Nakakatawa naman. Thanks sa comment po Senyorito.

DigiscrapMom said...

If you have faith in God that is as solid as a rock, then I don't think a film like this one will shake you and veer you away from your beliefs. I watched it and although you might think it may be true, I don't think any of those things would make me change the way I see Jesus as my Savior.

Watching the movie just made me want to go to London even more to do the Da Vinci Code walk tour and go to Scotland to see the Rosslyn Chapel :) Hehehehehe!