Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Hate Death!

I hate death!
I abhor going to wakes and funerals. I feel like if I open my mouth, something inappropriate would just spill out and make me look stupid or offend the family of the deceased. But I know I have to go to these "social" events.
The mom of one of my students passed away Sunday morning. She succumbed to cancer. Mr Santos asked me if I'm that close to the kid since I told him I will be dropping by the wake today. I told him that he's a student, that makes me close to him. Besides, I'm sure his family will appreciate my presence, a sign of support. But what do I say to him and his family? I didn't even meet his mom; it was his uncle who talked to me all the time since the mom's bedridden.
Hay buhay! This is very akward. I dont know what to expect; I don't know what to say. I just feel sorry for my student.
I hate death. Whether it's someone else's death or mine. I'm surely not looking forward to mine anytime soon!


DigiscrapMom said...

Sorry to hear about it. Condolences to the family of your student.

Anonymous said...

waahhh i hate death din.. and ayoko rin minsan pumupunta sa mga wake kase di ko alam pano ko kakamustahin yun family ng namatayan. feeling ko rin ang awkward.. oh well.. i hope ok na rin yun student mo.


Ka Uro said...

funerals are indeed awkward occasions. however, i'm sure your presence, kahit wala kang sabihin o gawin during the wake, will mean a lot to your student. just think of it this way - kung walang pupunta sa wake, how would they feel?

Mec said...

i believe, in situations like that... the best things to say are:

can i do anything for you?


nothing... just be there... you can pray for their family w/o having to inform them that you'll do that...

and i know how awkward it can be... but the fact that you went and showed support means that you care so much about those who are living :)

and that's always nice...