Thursday, November 03, 2005

P3,000 Servant?

Why is it that some people think they own you just because they pay you for your services?

A mom sent me an sms asking me what time I'm going to the center. I told her I'm not sure if I would go since everyone is on vacation. She never responded. Then she sent a msg to my partner who forwared it to me. I asked her:

Isn't ur son on a vacation till Sun? R u thinking of having him tutored on sembreak? Walang tutorials kc this week kc sembreak, even teachers have breaks. :-)

To this she responded:

Yeah i know. But D holidays are only til yrtrday. Isnt dat enough break 4 d teachrs? S (her son's name) has a story 2 memorze and its due on wednsday.
Anywy, i'l just b d one 2 guide him. Tnx.
I was about to tell her "sige kita tayo early tomorrow" but when I took another look at her msg, I felt bad. She sent another msg saying I'm the only one who can make his son memorize stuff very well but I didn't want to react anymore. I wanted to say things that would definitely put her in her place but I had to control myself, my partner might suffer.

She has always been "demanding" but I would comply in my own little way to avoid problems. She acts and talks as if I'm cheating her by not doing some small things for her son or that I purposely disregard certain work para makapandaya ako. I would tell my partner baka sinusulit lang ang bayad nya kaya sya ganyan and we would both grin. But her message really set me off. Just because she pays me P3,000 to tutor her son, doesnt give her the right to treat me like a servant, hindi nya ako pinapalamon. I'm only human and I make mistakes at times, doesn't mean dinadaya ko sya sa serbisyong binibigay ko.

Well, if she can find a tutor who can give better service at a lower price than I do then she can always transfer her kid there.


DigiscrapMom said...

Argggh!! 'Di ata talaga matatanggal ang mga taong ganyan. I feel bad for you. Sana lang e mauntog sya at malaman nyang way off na ang ginagawa nya. Oh well! I feel for you! *hugs*

fionski said...

Thanks Liz. Happy new year!