Saturday, July 31, 2004

Another fionski??

Oh my gawd! I just did a search fionski using google and I can't believe I have a name sake here, she happens to be a Filipina too! Good grief! I thought I was the only fionski in the whole wide world, well there's another one in livejournal but she's Polish I think. Been doing the search weekly, new fionski is new!
Is she as old as I am? Has she been using fionski longer than I have? Is she as pretty as me? Well, she has to be pretty, she's my namesake!!
There goes my identity...

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Fionski... said...

hello, fionski! saw your post in my blog. i was kinda surprised, too. may kapangalan pala ako! yep, my name's fiona din...but i have a second name which is lyn. so that's fiona lyn for you. :) actually a friend started calling me that in college. don't worry, peeps usually call me skye in cyberspace. nice meeting you...thank you for visiting my blog :)